Winchester, Hampshire

Massage Programme

Sometimes one treatment is just not enough. In order to keep your body maintained and your mind destressed we offer 2 massage programmes.

1 massage session every month* for 6 months £200
1 massage session every month* for 12 months £329

* the number of massage treatments must be used within the number of months stated, however you may use more than 1 treatment per month if you require.

Remedial Massage - A range of remedial massage therapies to help ease muscular tension and pain. Deep tissue massage reduces knots and muscle stress and helps tenderise the tissue once again.

Relaxation Massage - A range of relaxation massage therapies to help reduce stress levels, calm the mind whilst relaxing the body holistically. Essential oils may be tailor-blended to suit your needs on the day, or you may decide to relax with the soothing heat of the volcanic hot stones.

The Massage Package
Many of us live each day with stress, aches and pains and many more health concerns. Redwood Health Therapies would like to help you on your journey to a more relaxed and enhanced way of life.

Our professional and experienced massage therapists are located in Winchester's City Centre and are available 6 days a week, from 9:00am until 8:30pm most days.

Massage in Winchester.

Find out more about our range of over 12 massages in Winchester's City Centre.

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Health Programmes: Winchester

You will have a full assessment by a health professional followed by specific treatments to put you back into balance.

If you find yourself suffering with particular symptoms then we have a comprehensive range of therapies to help you.


Massage Programmes in Winchester.

For more information on any of our therapies, classes or health programmes please contact us. You will need to book a Free assessment so that we can make an informed decsision as to how to help you.

Relaxation Massage


Remedial Massage