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Cryo-lipolysis and Fat Freezing Procedures in Winchester

A Non-Surgical Alternative to Liposuction. Cryo-lipolysis in Winchester, Southampton and Basingstoke. The latest and clinically proven body contouring and fat reduction procedure. The only non-surgical fat removal treatment available to date!

Redwood Health Therapies have been providing weight loss and body contouring treatments for over 5 years. This procedure although non-surgical may require a registered nurse or medical practitioner's assessment. This may be carried out at your clinic prior to your treatment to eliminate any complications.


Although we do not provide this treatment we do have indepth knowledge as to its safety and efficacy. It is important when embarking on this type of non-invasive treatment to choose the correct treatment provider. Zeltiq and their Coolsculpting technology are the only worldwide patent holders and provide the only medically graded and FDA approved system in the UK. Be aware of other systems on the market and always ask the provider if their system is a Zeltiq system. Recently their have been many new systems coming on to the market and we believe some do not have the research and development that Zeltiq have invested to make the treatments safe and effective. Zeltiq assure that a medical practitioner is available on site to ensure safety. Contact Zeltiq to find out more.


Cryo-lipolysis a Liposuction Alternative

Cryo-lipolysis otherwise known in the media as 'fat freezing' is a revolutionary technology for localised fat reduction. It is especially effective on what we would call grabable fat and in one session can reduce the fat percentage in that area by up to 25%.

Dramatic and permanent results
No recovery time
No pain, no surgery, no anaesthetic
Safe and natural with no side-effects
No need for diets and exercise
Clinically proven
26% fat layer decrease after a single treatment
Only 1-3 treatments are necessary
Suitable for both Men & Women

Our unique approach and treatment protocol may include other clinically proven systems to enhance your results, contour your body and tighten the skin. The Weight & Aesthetic Clinic also provides; Laser Fat Reduction, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Electrophoresis, Dermology and Radio Frequency.

Cryo-lipolysis & Cryo Lipo

Cryo-lipolysis is based on the fact that fatty tissues are much more susceptible to energy deprivation than other tissues around them. The frozen fat cells go through apoptosis (programmed cell death) and get eliminated slowly reducing the fatty tissue layer.

Cryo-lipolysis is a non-surgical treatment, without downtime or associated risks of surgical liposuction. It is virtually pain free and it removes the unrequired subcutaneous fat cells from the areas where exercise and diet prove to be ineffective. Considerable changes will be achieved through this body contouring and localised fat removal procedure.

The technology of cryo-lipolysis eliminates fat from the abdomen, the flanks, sides and the back most effectively, but it can produce very effective results in other areas. It is the only technology apart from surgical liposuction that actually removes the fat cells permanently from a treatment area.

The advancements of cryo-lipolysis (fat freezing) breaks down the targetted fatty tissues through gentle freezing whilst also leaving surrounding tissues and structures intact and unaffected. This is because fatty tissues are less resistant to cold than the tissues around them. The freezing procedure stimulates lipolysis (lipo = fat. lysis = to split) and this process of lipolysis continues for several months after the treatment.


What happens after the treatment?
The treatment is non-surgical, therefore there is no recovery time. Clients can return to their daily routine immediately. On the treated areas the skin might become red, bruises may appear and diminished sensation may occur on the skin, however they disappear in a few days. Diminished sensation also disappears in 1-8 weeks.

Is the treatment painful?
This non-invasive treatment does not require anaesthetic or pain alleviation and also there is no recovery time. It is comfortable and most clients like to read, use their laptop or listen to music during the treatment.

How long does the result of the treatment last?
The clients experience a continuous reduction in the fat layers in the course of about one year. The fat cells in the treated areas get eliminated through natural metabolism. The permanence of this kind of elimination is similar to that of surgical treatments such as liposuction.

Is there such thing as an ideal candidate?
Cryo-lipolysis is an effective treatment for fat removal and body contouring on localised fatty areas. Since the primary purpose of cryo-lipolysis is not weight loss but body contouring and inch loss, the client has to be fairly fit with only a couple of areas where the stiff fat layer is exercise or diet resistant.

What is the process?
During cryo-lipolysis the applicator on the skin cools/freezes the localised fat cells. The built-in vacuum pulls the fatty layer within the applicator towards the cooling panels. The treated fat cells will then be taken up by the body and removed over a short period bringing about a reduction in the adipose tissue. The cryo-lipolysis procedure may last for as long as one to two hours dependant on the treatment zones.

Are there any Clinical studies?
The first study carried out on people was conducted in 2009, when Coleman and his colleagues reported that they had treated the waist of ten patients with cryo-lipolysis once under supervision. The treatment took less than an hour and did not require anaesthetic. One month after the treatment, a 20% fat loss was experienced on average and 25% six months after the treatment, which was checked by ultrasound fat layer analysis. There were no reports or examinations to show any peripheral nerve damage or any long-lasting side effects within this study and future studies.

Cryo Lipo in Winchester.

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Cryo Lipo Winchester & Southampton

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Cryo-lipolysis is the only non-surgical fat cell removal treatment available!


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