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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Redwood Health Therapies offers an array of weight loss, weight management, slimming and body contouring treatments specifically designed and tailored to your individual needs. From the free consultation you and your weight loss specialist will find the right programme for you so that you can finally lose and control the weight you no longer want or need. Take a look at some of our tailored weight loss programmes.

Gastric Band Hypnosis: A defined but naturally tailored weight loss programme, generally for clients with a BMI 30+ but quite often can be used for BMI 25+ if considered appropriate by our weight loss experts. Help in solving your relationship with food, portion control or eating habits. Available from the Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Team for people in Winchester, Southampton, and Basingstoke in Hampshire.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: Suggestion therapy can be a perfect treatment for weight loss and weight control. Weight gain and the inability to lose weight can quite often be due to a combination of eating and dieting behaviours, emotional responses, stressful lifestyle, reduced activity and metabolism or even an underlying medical reason. These weight issues can be addressed using Hypnotherapy from the weight loss team in Winchester, Southampton, Basingstoke in Hampshire.

iLipo Laser Lipolysis & Accent Radio Frequency provides non-surgical and pain free treatments for inch loss, slimming and body contouring. Laser iLipo is a medically graded spot fat reduction system and with the skilled operators at the weight loss clinic in Winchester, you can lose up to 5 inches in 4 weeks, healthily.

Winchester Weight Loss Clinic's approach is based on not only common sense approaches but technology proven and psychologically tested methods. Our team take into account your lifestyle and work with you efficiently and effectively so you can once and for all, finally reach your ideal weight and shape!

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Body Contouring & Liposuction Alternatives

Body Contouring Technology & Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Our methods have been shown to be effective for our clients as a long term solution to weight management and weight lossl. We use a range of Hypnotherapy, CBT, Nutrition, Coaching and Counselling and Non-surgical liposuction alternatives; Laser Lipolysis, Cryo-lipolysis, Ultrasonic Cavitation, RF, and Dermology to address the clients reasons for body contouring and weight loss as well as the emotional reasons, whilst eliminating diets. It is this customised approach that makes our weight loss program successful.

Weight Loss Facts

1) 'Low fat' or 'reduced fat' products are not always the healthiest option.

2) The right quantity of carbohydrate will not cause weight gain.

3) Slimming pills are not an effective route to permanent weight control.

4) Physical activity levels should be naturally increased to a comfy weekly amount.

5) Skipping meals you are more likely to snack on high-sugar or high-fat produce.

6) Correctly timed snacks will aid in weight loss and weight management.

7) Butter can be healthier in moderate quantity as it is not hydrogenated.

8) Diets can often be too restrictive and unsustainable for long-term results.

9) Hypo-thyroidism and other underlying medical conditions can cause weight gain.

10) Surgical intervention such a liposuction or gastric band is not the only answer; non-surgical laser, cryo-lipo, cavitation, dermology and radio frequency could be the answer for you.


Our team of weight loss experts offer a tailored approach to your weight loss and body contouring treatments.

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

Proven Positive Weight Loss Programmes Serving- Winchester, Andover, Basingstoke, Romsey, Fareham & Southampton.




Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Contact us for advise on the right type of therapy for you. You are assured that you will see the most experienced therapist for your particular area of issue.

Book a free consultation with one of the weight loss team and we will help you find the treatment to work towards overcoming your weight loss and weight control issues.

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Advanced weight loss programmes at Winchester's Weight Loss Clinic.

Offering a variety of revolutionary weight loss & slimming treatments tailored to your exact needs. Book a free consultation to find out how you can lose the weight you no longer want or need.

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