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Nutritional Therapy

Do you find it hard to find a balance in your diet and nutritional intake? A deficiency in particular nutrients and foods can cause physical and emotional ailments.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy aims to alleviate and prevent illness by modifying the diet. It can assist very well in the recovery of ill health, reduce toxin levels in the body, and enhance energy levels.

What can it treat?

- Allergies
- Arthritis and Joint problems
- Cardiovascular problems
- Chronic fatigue or low energy levels
- Colds
- Digestive disorders eg. IBS
- Headaches and Migraines
- Hyperactivity
- Infections
- Infertility
- Menstrual disorders (PMS, Menopause)
- Skin conditions (Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis)
- Stress and Depression
- Thrush and Cystitis
- Weight problems

How does it work?

For adults and children it is estimated that we take in 4000 chemicals daily through our diet. The phrase 'we are what we eat' is actually more true than you might think.

With 90% of the cells in our body being replaced with new ones every three months, there is only one source for these materials and that is through food or nutrition. Nutrition is incredibly important for good health, but every individual person will have different nutritional needs. Your therapist will discuss this with you, guiding and recommending you depending on your own needs.

What will my session involve?

Before your first consultation, you will be asked to complete a Health programme Questionnaire (which can be sent to you) to provide details that will help me understand your nutritional needs.

At your first consultation we will go through your questionnaire together and look in more depth at the factors that may be contributing to your health situation.

Following our discussion, I will recommend a personal diet and lifestyle programme for you to take away and follow. Everything will be written down for you.

My preferred approach is to improve your health and nutritional status through food i.e. by changing your diet and increasing or decreasing certain foods. However, sometimes it is useful to support dietary changes with specific vitamins and minerals, and if necessary I may recommend such products.

Nutritional therapy does not replace medical care, however many symptoms and conditions may be helped by diet and lifestyle changes. A few simple changes may make a real difference to your energy and give you a zest for life!

How long is a session?

Your initial consultation will last for 1hr 30.

Follow up sessions last for 45 minutes.


How much does a session cost?

Consultation: £65
Follow up session: £45

How often will I need to be treated?

After your first appointment, your second appointment will be 2 weeks later, and then a month later. Usually a course of 4-6 appointments is required depending on your condition.


Nutritional Therapy.

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