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At Redwood Health Therapies you are reassured every therapist is experienced, qualified and members of the relevant professional or governing bodies. A specialised team for Hypnotherapy Southampton, Winchester and Basingstoke.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Using a combined approach of Cognitive Therapy and Hypnosis; Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a tailored approach drawing on ideas from evolutionary psychology, cognitive theory and NLP and uses the naturally occuring Hypnotic states we experience everyday to create fast and lasting changes. Cognitive Hypnotherapy Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke and clients in Hampshire will all see some of the most experienced Hypnotherapists in the area.

Hypnoanalysis or Analytical Hypnotherapy
The application of Pure Analytical Hypnotherapy is used to resolve issues and conditions completely, reaching the root cause of the problem by releasing the repressed or bottled up emotions to the 'conscious mind' so that it can finally deal with them. This form of Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective treatment used for more complex circumstances.

Clinical Hypnotherapy or Suggestion Therapy
Using this form of Clinical Hypnotherapy we can treat a wide range of everyday issues. Such as Smoking, Weight Loss, Fears & Phobias and specific anxieties, for example; Driving Test Nerves, Fear of Flying and Public Speaking to name a few. We are one of the country's leading specialists in Suggestion Hypnotherapy and provide the most integrated team for Hypnotherapy Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke in Hampshire.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
The most effective Stop Smoking treatment on the market. Our proven methods are more effective than Zyban, Patches and other NRT. Quit Cigarettes for good today, with the power of Hypnosis from experienced, full-time and professional Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Specialists. Our clinical audit shows a rolling 88-95% success rate at the end of 12 months, if you are interested in giving up smoking and would like to find out how Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Southampton, Winchester and Basingstoke can help you then contact us today!

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
Fed up of Yo-Yo Dieting, finding you can't control or lose weight. Our Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Programmes are designed to give you the power to lose weight naturally and finally with out fad diets. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy changes the negative association you have with food into more positive lasting thought patterns. Come and visit the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Experts in Winchester, Southampton & Basingstoke.



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