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HypnoBand Weight Loss System

Weight Loss without the Surgery for people in Southampon, Winchester and Basingstoke!

Beware of unlicensed practitioners. Only the Registered Hypno-Band Weight Loss System can provide long-term weight loss results.

Welcome to the Redwood Health Therapies: Hypno-Band Weight Loss Clinic in Winchester! If you have considered the idea of having a real gastric band fitted then you will no doubt be aware of the hideous cost implication not to mention the risks associated with surgery.

At Redwood Health HypnoBand Weight Loss Clinic we will help you lose weight using our hypnotically placed virtual gastric band. The great thing is there is no invasive surgery or expensive price tag but it has been found to be very effective at reducing weight in obese patients. Why not book a free consultation and assessment for a second opinion from a leading expert in this field.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

So what does Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis entail?
Well firstly you will be assessed as to your suitability for the procedure, then we look at what things trigger your eating, whether it is stress, boredom, loneliness or something else. We will help you effectively address these issues before we go any further. The next stage is the actual surgery. Of course there is no real invasive surgical procedure but because we use hypnosis and replicate everything that would go on in the real procedure, as far as your sub-conscious mind is concerned it all happened.

So now your stomach is the size of a golf ball which means that just like with a real gastric band, you can only eat tiny meals which of course means that you lose weight with ease. This is all accomplished with the power of suggestion, your mind simply perceives your stomach as being much much smaller and therefore you feel full much quicker.

Hypno-Band Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
The hypno-band procedure has been highlighted in the press and on TV because of its amazing success at helping clients lose large amounts of weight. Once you are at your ideal weight then simply come back to have your hypno band adjusted so that you maintain that weight. Nothing could be simpler!

Why keep torturing yourself with dieting to find you put it all back on again when there is such a simple and effective solution? That solution is the hypno band and it's now available here in Winchester and Southampton at Redwood Health Therapies so call today for more information or to book your free appraisal.

We have a wide range of weight loss therapies available and during your initial consultation we can assure you that the right path way for weight loss and control will be chosen with you to ensure you have a long-term result and happy future.

For further information and our fee structure for the Hypno-Band (Virtual Gastric Band) Procedure please contact the clinic for information. Available in Winchester & Southampton.

Call Today on 01962 877899 to find out more. You have nothing to lose but the weight you no longer want or need!

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis.

Exercise for the Body & Clarity for the Mind- Serving- Winchester, Andover, Basingstoke, Romsey, Fareham & Southampton.

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

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HypnoBand is a recognised virtual gastric band procedure.

hypnoband hypnotherapy for weight loss winchester southampton

Avoid surgery and resolve the root cause of your weight gain. We believe there are no short cuts but by overcoming the emotional reasons behing over eating or helping you reduce your appetite you will find that your weight begins to reduce.