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Laser Fat Reduction

With no downtime, no risks or side-effects and with the abilities to remove unwanted, stubborn fat from just about any area of the body. The only necessity is commitment!

Laser iLipo - Lose up to 5 inches in just 4 weeks

We are interested in one thing and one thing only. And that is you sculpting your body by losing those problem fatty deposits from the areas of your choice to reduce body fat and beat cellulite. You can lose up to 5 inches in 4 weeks.

Using (as seen on Channel 4's Supersize vs Superskinny) the new generation Laser iLipo system which really is the true and intelligent non surgical alternative to liposuction.

Low level cold laser body sculpting technology has been improving steadily for many years and has sat amongst a variety of treatments in beauty salons and medical clinics. The iLipo is a medically graded system and has a whole array of dependant and independant studies. It is not a beauty treatment, nor a surgical procedure. Laser lipolysis is the future for the non-invasive removal of stubborn fatty areas that remain relatively unchanged even with exercise and dieting.

The Redwood iLipo Laser Fat Reduction Treatment in Winchester is a place for men and women to come and relax and loose inches where they want, shaping their body how they want. With no fear of infection, permanent scarring or uneven reduction.

No pain
No needles
No down time

Unlike a surgical procedure there is no radical overnight change resulting in loose skin. Inch-loss is achieved incrementally over 8 x 20 min sessions allowing the skin to naturally tighten after each session.


Laser Lipolysis and Spot Fat Reduction.

Laser Fat Reduction requires commitment and provides an average of 4 inches loss around the abdomen in 4 weeks.

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Laser iLipo - Laser Lipolysis

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Laser Lipolysis

An Intelligent and Safer Alternative to Liposuction.

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