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Electrolysis Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal using Electrolysis and Laser Treatments. Rid of the hair you no longer want or need.


Electrolysis provides permanent Hair removal for both Men and Women and is ideal for people who are not suitable candidates for Laser Hair Removal. Treatments are usually taken in 15-minute, 30-minute or 1-hour sessions depending on the amount of hair to be treated.

We use either the Blend method which is a dual action which entails the use of galvanic and low intensity high frequency currents or diathermy which is high frequency electric current.

They both destroy the hair root. Several sessions are usually needed depending on the hair growth. A very fine needle is inserted to each individual hair an electrical current is applied then the hair will be released from its root and removed. Full consultation will be given to discuss which would be the most suitable for you.

Electrolysis Hair Removal.

Electrolysis hair removal treatments for permanent hair reduction. Rid of unwanted hair for good.

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Hair Removal - Electrolysis

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Permanent Hair Removal Treatments.

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